August 2020
An Instagrammer’s paradise.

There’s an incredible place hidden in the Magic City that will make you feel like you’re in another country. Back Door Monkey is a Japanese restaurant with enchanting art and decor to discover. This hidden spot serves up Asian fusion cuisine including some of the best sushi in Miami.

There’s never a dull moment at Back Door Monkey, where you’ll feel like you’re traveling abroad. Not only will you enjoy delicious dishes, but also a dramatic ambiance. It’s easily one of the most fun places to eat in Florida.

The eatery was inspired by war and features powerful quotes like “Friendly, But Not Your Friend” to set the tone of the restaurant. You’ll get a feel for “danger,” mystery, and intrigue.

The restaurant is chock full of captivating decorations that are like something out of a movie. Neon is the name of the game here, giving you major big city vibes while you eat beneath the glowing lights.

A scandalous sign on the wall reads: “Eat Sushi Like It’s The Last P—y On Earth” in massive letters. Sneak a peek below!



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