July - 2020
Carpool Cinema is showing flicks from the ’80s and ’90s all weekend.

There is a better way to watch classic movies that doesn’t require you to spend another Saturday night at home, on the couch. It’s called Carpool Cinema (2418 N Miami Ave), Wynwood’s drive-in theater where oldies-but-goodies are shown on the big screen every weekend.
Launched a few weeks ago, the boutique moviehouse plays mostly titles from the ’80s and early ’90s, such as Terminator and this weekend’s Goonies. It runs like a typical drive-in, except that tickets are sold in advance online; admission is $45 per vehicle. Once there, you’ll pull up in your car or SUV (larger vehicles toward the back, please), park in the best spot available (it’s first-come, first-served) and tune the radio to 88.5 FM to listen. Movies are shown Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7pm sharp, though folks are encouraged to arrive as early as 6:45pm to place their food and drink orders before showtime. Wynwood restaurants the Dirty Burger, La Tiendita Taqueria and Back Door Monkey service the cinema and will deliver your meal right to your car.
Otherwise, prepares to stay put inside throughout the entire experience. The only time you’ll be allowed to leave your vehicle is if you’re going to the restroom and you must be wearing a mask. Also, someone will need to escort you. “The ground is lava,” says the website, which isn’t true—obviously—but we’re here for any hyperbole that’ll keep us from doing something stupid.


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